Managing Director & CEO Message


I am pleased to welcome you to the website of SALAMA - The Egyptian Saudi Insurance House.

Salama - Egyptian Saudi Insurance House, is the first Takaful insurance company in Egypt, established in 2002, and it is a subsidiary of Salama Group - Islamic Arab Insurance Company - which is the world's largest and oldest leading company in providing Islamic Takaful insurance solutions.

More than two decades ago, Salama - the Egyptian Saudi Insurance House - began its first steps as an Egyptian company. The goal of its team focused on making a mark in the Egyptian insurance sector, through plans that focused throughout the journey on upgrading insurance services and products.

Salama - Egyptian Saudi Insurance House is proud of its long history as the first Takaful insurance company in property and liability insurance activity, which was able to shorten the steps by an exceptional leadership team with its diverse experiences in the insurance sector.

Internationally, SALAMA- Egyptian Saudi Insurance House was able to obtain the support of major international reinsurance companies due to its commitment to provide the best services and insurance programs to its customers.

Throughout the journey, and with the flowing of young and experienced generations that led SALAMA - The Egyptian-Saudi Insurance House, all members of its family were keen on strong cooperation in work, with the support of its board of directors and global partners, moreover the solid foundations in dealing at the internal and external levels which are based on trust, transparency, and credibility.

In SALAMA - Egyptian Saudi Insurance House, the insurance programs are not only insurance coverage, but also a partnership that gives the customer an overflow sense of security, stability and reassurance from the unknown. All members of our family are interested in customers’ needs from the first moment until securing all their requirements and providing them with the best insurance services.

Thanks to the company's policy, which is based on technical and professional foundations, SALAMA - Egyptian Saudi Insurance House was able to continuously achieve an insurance surplus, and over the past twelve years, the company has continued to distribute the surplus to its participants, with nonstop, which is evidence of great care to deal with all risks that facing our customers, whether they are individuals or companies.

At SALAMA- Egyptian Saudi Insurance House, we focus on the service and aim to improve and develop it year after year, and we always pursue to reach the customer anywhere all over through our branches spread from the far north to the far south, east and west.

At Salama - The Egyptian Saudi Insurance House, you are in good hands.

Mohamed Abdel-Mawla

Managing Director & CEO

Board Member of World Federation

of Takaful Insurance Companies